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How much do you charge for your services?

Please look at the pricing section on our website.

How Many Courses And Universities Do You Have On Your Platform?

We have more than 7000 courses in our database from around 1000+ universities around the world. We make sure all the good and popular universities are on our platform. Also, we include only accredited universities and we make sure our students are sent only to recognized universities. We are adding more and more courses and universities every day!

How Does Your Platform Recommend Courses In Seconds?

We have built an Artificial Intelligence platform that takes into account the complete student's profile (past academics, financial situation, future academic interests, current job scenario, health and wellness datapoints). Based on these inputs from the students the artificial intelligence algorithm will recommend the courses that are a good overall match for the student's unique profile. All of this is done in seconds!

I am a student from Turkey, can I use your services?

Absolutely! Any international student from anywhere in the world can use our services. Just connect with us on WhatsApp, Email or Phone!

On the courses recommendation page how do I interpret the colour coding?

Based on a student's unique profile the courses are selected by AspireGrad's proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm. These courses are color-coded in Green, Yellow, and Red based on the student's admission chances into the program/course. Students have very high chances of getting an admit if they apply to courses in GREEN. Courses highlighted in YELLOW have good admission chances too but NOT as high as courses in GREEN, however, yellow courses are in most cases better ranked then courses in GREEN. Courses in RED have low admission chances for students profile but these are high ranked courses and the student can try his/her luck. A healthy combination of courses would be 50% Green, 30% Yellow and 20% Red. But you can always customize them for your specific scenario.

On the courses recommendation page I see that AspireGrad is recommending 6 courses. How are these 6 courses different from others?

These are the 6 courses AspireGrad is recommending you to apply to after analyzing your profile. However, you can always customize the universities and courses by excluding or including them on the courses page. You can apply to lesser than 6 courses or include more courses and apply for 10 or more. The final decision is always yours. The more courses you apply to the higher the admission chances!

AspireGrad guarantees admission into universities?

No! If any agent guarantees admission to any university abroad, he/she is lying. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with fraudulent agents. AspireGrad does not guarantee admission to any foreign university, however, we make a scientific guess through our Artificial Intelligence algorithms and industry experience!

Do you provide Visa processing assistance?

Yes, we provide all the services needed for students to study abroad.

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